Standard Rates:

$200 per night, 2 night minimum

$1,200 per week (14% discount over nightly rate…in other words, 7th night is free)

$3,600 per month (40% discount over nightly rate…or a month for the price of 3 weeks)


Peak Season Rates:  (Sept 16, 2016 – Oct 16, 2016; Dec 16, 2016 – Jan 2, 2017)

$300 per night, 3 night minimum

$1,800 per week (14% discount)

$5,400 per month (40% discount)



  • Rates are subject to change.
  • All rates quoted above are for up to 4 guests.  An additional $20/night is charged for each additional guest.
  • All rates subject to Vermont state room tax of 9%
  • Each stay will be charged a one-time cleaning fee of $100.
  • Each reservation will be charged a refundable security deposit of $400.  Any damage or excessive cleaning required will be charged against the deposit and the balance will be refunded to you within 10 days of your departure.  Normally, the full deposit is refunded; this is just a precautionary measure we need to take.  You will receive an email when the refund is approved.
  • If you plan to travel with pets, please talk to us before booking.  We love pets, but they do tend to create more work for the cleaning staff, who needs to be paid.  So if you talk to us first, we can understand more about your furry friend and we’ll come to an agreement on whether your pet and our house is a good match and if the standard $10/night pet fee is appropriate.

House Rules:

  • The chimneys are very old and not suitable for use.  Our insurance agent would have a stroke if you light a fire in any of the fireplaces.  You will also find yourself quickly engulfed in smoke as the chimneys have been blocked to reduce draft and critters from building homes inside our home.  So enjoy the ambiance of the old fireplaces but under no circumstances should you start a fire in any of them.  Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Please refrain from smoking (anything) inside the house.  If you must smoke, please be sure to properly dispose of any associated debris in a manner that the waste basket doesn’t smell like an ashtray.  Thanks again.
  • Check-in time is 3pm.  Check-out is 11am.  If you have some extenuating circumstances, do let us know so we can work with you on that.  These times are somewhat arbitrary, but we do need to ensure that we have sufficient time between guests to clean the whole house.  As this is a house, not a hotel, it may take a little longer than in a hotel to do what’s needed.  Also, access to the house is controlled by an electronic lock; your code will only be active during the time you have booked the house.  I have to set the time and date for your access code and I don’t want you to be locked out, so if these times will not work for you, be sure to confirm your arrival/departure time.
  • We only clean the house and change sheets and towels between guest bookings.  If you are staying longer and want to have additional cleaning or laundry done, this can normally be arranged with our property manager, if her schedule allows.  Let us know if you want additional services and we’ll put you in touch with Liza.  You can pay her directly for additional cleaning or laundry.
  • There is Wi-Fi in the house and a Wi-Fi enabled TV.  The password for the Wi-Fi is written on the router, located on top of the refrigerator.  Please do not disconnect or disable the router. Internet service in rural Vermont is not fast, but if it starts disconnecting frequently, the router may need to be rebooted.  To do this, simply push the button on the router (there’s only one button), wait for about a minute, then push it again to turn it back on.  It will then take a couple minutes to fully reconnect.  That usually fixes the problem.
  • You can use your own account to access Netflix, Hulu or any other media service available on the smart TV.  If you do, please be sure to reset the account settings before you leave, so your personal account information is erased.
  • Please don’t take indoor furniture outside.  There is additional outdoor furniture on the back deck that you may use outside.
  • Doors to the attic, basement, a couple storage closets, attached building and out-building are locked.  Guests have full access to the main house, and 6.85 acres of yard, field, woods and brook.  Guests are requested not to enter the garage.  Please return outdoor furniture to the general area where you found it before you leave.

That’s about all I can think of, but of course, if you have additional questions, just shoot us an email.